Meet Our Board Members

Having grown up in Haiti as a missionary kid and then spending 25 years as a missionary living full-time in rural South Haiti, Dan has a unique understanding of the needs of the Haitian people, communities, and churches. As a co-founder of Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI) in 1988 and VP/Haiti Field Leader of RMI for 17 years, Dan has been able to bring vision and leadership to RMI as it grew. Since becoming President in 2006 and moving RMI’s US office in Fort Myers, FL, he has had the opportunity to continue this vision by seeing new programs and innovation having great impact in south Haiti through RMI. Currently RMI is feeding over 10,000 kids a day in school and impacting over 150 communities in south Haiti. He and his wife, Debbie, have two adult children and two grandchildren. Although Dan grew up riding enduro motorcycles in Haiti and used that mode of transportation all during his service in Haiti, he has fulfilled his dream of getting his US motorcycle license and enjoys riding his 2005 Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan Nomad with the motorcycle club from his church. He also enjoys reading and cooking. He recently took up kayaking and enjoys paddling around the backwaters of Southwest Florida as time permits.

Ken Beauvais is an award-winning entrepreneur, business consultant and motivational speaker. His specialties are in the Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunication services, selling, motivating and business development. Mr. Beauvais is also an alumnus of the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University where he studied Computer Information System, Business Management and Marketing. He has been in the technology space working with software, hardware, telecommunications and web-based technology for almost two decades. His experience includes being paid six figures to recruit, train, coach and develop top sales talent and modeling the behavior at an exceptional level. In Ken’s sales career he has closed over $45 million in revenue. He is currently building a social ecommerce platform and in his free time Ken loves to dance, box and volunteer to speak with underprivileged youth. He loves a challenge and personally knows that on every journey there are always obstacles and struggles that people cannot see. So, he sincerely and no matter what, greets everybody by saying “Living the Dream”. His hope is that, even if it is just for a moment, they will share some positive energy (hope, faith and love).

Nashka Laine is a biomedical student hoping to further her education as a pediatrician. Over the years, she participated in many mission trips and research programs. When she’s not working to make her community a better place, you’ll likely find her making skin care products for her e-commerce business, Body Laine Essentials.

Johnny Luders Born in Nord-Ouest Haiti, Move to the U.S. when he was 10 years old. Johnny has been with the City of Naples for 6years where he works as an accountant. During the spring and the fall you will find Johnny coaching youth Football. Johnny spends four years as a Defensive Coordinator for the Naples Gators, and one Year as High School Defensive Backs & Wide Receivers at Marco Island Academy.

Johnny is very involved in His community; he will take part in anything that will benefit his community. Johnny enjoy serving the public, with that drive his goal is to one day become City Manager. Johnny also serves as the Secretary for Florida Association of Business Tax Officials (FABTO) bay area which consists of Twelve Counties.

Johnny is utilizing his accounting experience to better serve the United Haitian American Chambers of SWFL as the Treasury.

Cherline Louissaint spent more than a decade working in entertainment as a Public Relations specialist and Global Brand Strategist. These roles provided her with the opportunity to work and travel with various leading international recording artists, athletes, and other entertainment figures. Providing clients with services that included public relations, branding, merchandising, and event coordination. Little did she know that life would quickly change her upward trajectory. During the peak of her career, Cherline’s mother had a sudden health crisis which caused her to take an abrupt step away from a rising career. At the time, she did not hesitate stating, “there was no doubt in my mind that stepping away from my career was what I needed to do. Taking the time off gave me a fresh perspective on what was important and allowed me to think about what I wanted from the next chapter of my life.” Incidentally, the next chapter wrote itself accidentally on purpose. With the launching of an online fitness challenge, she stumbled into a new career path. Taking the frustration that she felt with the current healthcare system and pouring it into acquiring health and fitness knowledge to heal her Mom and help others not go through the health trials she had experienced. “All I kept hearing was if she had done this, ate that, moved like this. It was all preventable, which caused me to ask myself, why are so many of us dying from preventable diseases?'” Never really intending to actually take on clients, but to provide information that created awareness and inspired others to be intentional concerning their health. However, more and more people would ask to work out with her and she realized how much she loved the work she was doing. Soon, she began hosting events, educating about fitness, leading group classes, and training people 1 — on — 1 became a side hustle. She had become a communication professional by day and fitness crusader by night on an epic quest in the realm of health & fitness — and then Increase the Peach, Inc. was born. Cherline earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Florida Gulf Coast University. Currently, she provides strategic support for a variety of clients via public relations, email marketing, social media, advertising, and other services. While implementing the same services to Increase the Peach Health & Fitness Studio, which opened its doors in October of 2019. When she’s not running her business, she serves as the director of non-profit, Maranatha Community Center, Inc, a 501(c)3 free clinic serving residents of Southwest Florida and doing missions in Haiti, sending hospital supplies and other donations.

Helping and serving people has always been my strongest Skill. For the past 20 years I was an executive chef so handling problems and getting the job done was a daily thing. Not to mention working with several others in high positions to make the common man happy was my job.

For the 4 years I have been serving as a Financial advisor helping people with financial retirement planning also life insurance, my goal is the next 20 to 30 years for us to have a better community in South Florida.
Should you have any questions or need more information: (786) 294-3311

Yves Osme currently serves as Membership Committeine Chair for the United Haitian American Chamber Of Commerce of SWFL. His passion to see a better business community compelled him to volunteer in multiple organizations. Yves was born in Haiti. He migrated into the US particularly in the Fort Myers area at the age of 12. He is currently married with 3 children. He’s been in the sales industry for the last 13 years.

Frank Gateau has always had an eye for detail. You can say he was born for media marketing. Throughout his life he has always been a consumer who valued presentation. This natural in-sight propelled Frank throughout school at Hunter College, where he majored and graduated with a media marketing degree. Since college he has gathered over 16 years of experience working with major lifestyle brands such as Nike and Ralph Lauren, and media companies such as Vibe Media Group and NBC/Comcast.

Alongside these major companies Frank has also worked with local branding agencies who’s cliental range from restaurants, to apparel, venues, music and more. In 2012 Frank joined forces with a few men and collaborated in authoring a book. In 2015 it was published and showcased on several media platforms. Luck doesn’t just show up on your front door, opportunity must be taken and worked for. The saying from famed philosopher Seneca carved a path for Frank to strive for, “Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”

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Nickes is a Creole and English-speaking mortgage Loan officer  in Florida; As a dedicated mortgage professional, my Main goal is to fulfill your dreams of homeownership. Prior to that ,Nickes was the CEO of Island Fusion LLC and has served many business in Florida such as Casinos, Hotels , Hospitals, Country Clubs in food and beverage industry as Executives Managers. NOW and more than ever, It is an honor to serve my community as one of the board members of UHACC. Before he earned all of these titles, Nickes Deshommes, a man of God ,a husband to Juny Deshommes and Father of two boys (Jayden D. and Zackary D).

Nickes, He is looking to team up with everyone who has the heart of servanthood and commit to helping someone else to thrive for greatness.

Rosmy Louis is an internationally known entrepreneur with years of experience

in business and leadership development. Louis overcame many failures in life & business over the years where he started from very humble beginnings. Louis moved to the US in 2004 and began his career in the direct sales industry with a company in 2006 in which he currently holds a Senior Vice President position.

Expanding his vision for business, Louis established and serves as Chief Visionary/Executive Officer of PEYKO LLC a granite, Quartz & marble supplier, PEYKO DEPO LAKAY a construction material company in Haiti, as well as PEYKO VENUE, an event center in Fort Myers. In addition to business development, Louis’ commitment to serving the community includes serving on the executive committee as Board Liaison and Founder of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of SWFL Inc. volunteering in the technology ministry at his home church, 1  year of volunteer work with Literacy Volunteers of Collier County and over a year with Lehigh Regional Hospital. As a certified life coach, he consults with young men and women with passion and desire to not only exist but thrive in whatever they set their mind to.

When he isn’t focused on business you may find Louis on a golf course taking lessons or wrestling cookware in the kitchen or on a beach reading a good book. Louis’ vision for the community is to see all Haitian American entrepreneurs unified in building long-standing, successful brand name companies to serve everyone in SWFL and beyond.